Derek Christopher

Derek Christopher is the wonderful man that I'm so proud to call mine.
Derek ... silly sarcastic a day dreamer a gamer
...leads my home and my heart. a huge joker.
...willingly lets me sleep in.
... is a connoisseur of good ice cream. the only blue (besides Moonbeam kitty) in a house of pink. He blogs about his experiences too. (though since I wrote this Sedryn came along.  Hurray for daddy!)
...will probably continue to look barely 18 until he starts balding.
...can make his daughters giggle like no one else. a fantastic father. a certified computer nerd.
...has a strong name. His names mean "Ruler of the People" "Christbearer" "Old Ruler".
...didn't think he'd like English Country dance. a fantastic lover.
...has a sensitive heart.
...takes forever to make decisions.
...can identify birds by sight and song.
...did not kiss a girl (by virtue!) until he was 25. That girl was me :)
...can't swim.
...struggles honestly with anger.
...prays hard.
...loves me like Christ loves the church.