22 February 2009

English Country Dance at Walnut Grove

The kiddos being silly :D
There is Raleigh's vest and brown jacket second from the left. I made Emma's gown (the green satiny one) way back in October. I wish it were in my size!
Here are the ladies jacket and Justice's vest and coat in action.
I love this tender moment between Emma and her dad Hank.
The whole group.

The Carolina English Country Dancers, of which I am a part, performed and taught the audience to dance at a wonderful Dinner Ball at Walnut Grove. We had so much fun!

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Margaret Talbot said...

Melissa dear, what a blessing you are to our Carolina English Country Dancers. You worked very hard to make sure that we had enough costumes. You and Derek are very precious to me and to all our dance friends. Warm hugs to you!