18 June 2009

Tummy Time Mat

I have this habit of stashing away fabric scraps that I can't bear to part with. I keep thinking I'll turn them into doll clothes or quilts or other little fun things. The scrap stash is actually larger than my normal sized fabric stash. Some of the scraps that I've held dearest are my linen scraps from making English Country Dance costumes. The striped pink/blue/yellow, the ginger, the yellow, the blue... I just couldn't bear to part with them! I used some of the yellow to make 18th century fingerless gloves (mitts) and I used the stripe to line both a set of short stays and my blue gown. But still the scraps whispered to me that they could be more...

And so I introduce to you this tiny little quilt (about 25"x30") that I have affectionately dubbed "The Tummy Time Mat". Personally, I'm not a big fan of lying on the carpet because it irritates my skin and I'm also not a big fan of spending almost $30 dollars for a little mat with a pillow to lay my babies on. I love the feel of this linen and it's wash-ability. I'll use it inside and out. I just hope they both can fit on it together for awhile :D

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Emily G. said...

That's cute! I must confess I took the 'Tummy Time Mat' my husband's aunt gave me back to Target. I used the money to buy an umbrella stroller which has been my savior considering my five-month-old weighs 19 pounds.

You know, our mothers didn't have tummy time mats and here we are safe and sound. The truth is, a quilt works just as well.