04 August 2009

Cherry Callouses

I keep insisting that I need a cherry pitter, but it's one of those seasonal items that costs irrationally close to $20. Perhaps it might be a wise investment over the course a few years, but for the past three years I've just pitted them by hand. Afterward, my hands always look as if I'd murdered someone.

Today I made a banana cherry smoothie. I managed to clean all the evidence of the cherry slaughter off of my left hand except for my cuticles. Switching focus to my right hand, I found that no amount of scrubbing would clean my first two fingers and thumb. Upon inspecting my fingers a little closer, I realized that the cherries had brightly stained my otherwise invisible hand sewing calluses.

I'm especially amused by the calluses on my middle finger. The bulls eye on the finger tip is from pressing inside my thimble and the ring around the finger shows the exact shape of the thimble :D
These calluses just saw me through hand quilting the border and sewing down the binding on Baby A's quilt. Now to start piecing B's quilt...

P.S. Photographing your own right had is pretty difficult...just in case you were wondering...

1 comment:

Emily G. said...

lol...I have cherry fingers now, too. I was making a cherry/vanilla ice cream smoothie thing.