02 September 2009

The Long Avoided C-Section Rant

***Warning I am very tired (sleeping with a watermelon belly is difficult) and very hormonal at this moment. Read this post at your own risk.

I have a Breech Baby A. This little girl has her head stuck up near my ribs and her body slouched down in my left hip. Her little feet are constantly bombarding either my cervix or her sisters head. She has always been in this footling breech position except on one evening at 29 weeks when she stuck her feet up by her head and then removed them the next morning during an ultrasound.

Her positioning gives me about a 99.9% chance of a c-section.

Just writing that makes me well up with tears.

I do not want to have massive surgery to bring these little ones into the world. I want to be at home in my own bed with my sweet husband; I want a normal natural medicine free birth, but unless she flips I'm pretty much automatically going to be put under the knife. At this point, I'd even agree to get the epidural "just in case" if a doctor would let me try the breech delivery (and the thought of that needle makes me want to pass out just thinking about it).

I think this is ludicrous! Last week(34 weeks) precious Baby A didn't even weigh 5lbs yet due to IUGR. She's TINY! Surely a 5lb baby can't be too terribly hard to push out feet first! But as I live in America where the newer OB's are taught to cut but not to deliver breech, I have no real choice.

Don't misunderstand me, if my little ones NEED a C-section due to fetal distress or danger to my life, I would be glad to undergo the procedure. I would be thankful that C-section is a life saving option.

But at this point the NEED is not present.

I have a tiny bit of hope: my .1% chance of delivering a breech relies solely on the testimony of a friend (also expecting twins) who talked to Dr. S of my practice about the possibility of delivering breech. Dr. S told her that he likes to deliver according to the mother's preference if there is no danger to mother or child. He will attempt to deliver a breech.

Here's hoping that Dr. S is the office doctor tomorrow. But even if he is what are the odds that he'll be the doctor on call that night? I haven't even met all the doctors in this mega practice yet.


Okay... c-section rant is now out of my system. I'm sure, however, that the tears will keep coming until the uncertainty is over and the little girls are here.


Derek Aldrich said...

I love you and the girls muchly darling. God will work it out in the end.

Jennifer said...

Ok - just got to glance at your blog (I'm at work right now) and I LOVE LOVE that quilt.

I'm also glad you live so close, we'll need to get together when your babies are here.

I also have some preemie clothes that you are more than welcome to have if you want them!

Deanna said...

So sorry that things may not be working out the way you want! Just remember, it's not going to matter to your babies how they came into the world; they'll only know how happy you are they are here!

For what it's worth, I had a c-section, and it was not bad AT ALL. I was so uncomfortable that the needle for the spinal was nothing. Recovery was very easy for me also, thankfully. But I hope everything works out and you can deliver naturally if that's what you want!

Emily G. said...

I, too, do not understand why doctors will not consider the possibility of breech delivery. I hope that little Miss A somehow miraculously wiggles head down. Whatever happens, I hope that all goes well for the three of you.

I had an epidural I never dreamed I'd accept when I had my daughter. At my 28th hour of active labour with Pitocin I could not take it any more. I didn't even feel the needle.

The little book of Nessie said...

I wish you all the best with the birth of your twins. You have much joy ahead of you. Regards, Nessie

Josh and Nancy said...

Stopping by from Multiples and More-

I completly understand how you feel. When I was pregnant with my twins, I was told I had to have a CS because of Placenta Previa and the Dr. said that my placenta would never move and it did. I cried for days after he scheduled my CS. Then the next ultrasound, it MOVED. I went on to 39 weeks to be induced and labor for 24 hours pain drug free. However, I pushed for 2 hours and the baby B would not decend. After pure exhaustation I gave up and had a CS. SO really I feel like I did both. When the doctor on call opened me up, he said that there was no way that I could have delivered them, because of their head down position.

Hang in there, I have read that babies have turned as late as 36 weeks. Hang in there, I think that God will work out what is in the best interest of those babies. Someone told me, in the end the goal is healthy babies! The method, while I agree with you, isn't as important! I will be praying that Baby A flips!

Sorry for the book!