25 September 2009

My 100th Post

I've been somewhat fretting over what I should do for my 100th post for the past week now. I mean, this is quite the blog milestone right?! Fortunately, Sarah over at Kingdom Twindom just solved my dilemma by encouraging us to share our "I love my husband because..." lists. So here goes!

I love my absolutely amazing husband Derek because...
  • he loves to snuggle with me every chance he gets.
  • his kisses are so tender.
  • his writes me silly poetry.
  • we spend hours emailing one another back and forth while he's at work.
  • he only sings at one volume: LOUD (despite his "bad voice").
  • he makes me laugh uncontrollably when he spins me multiple times English Country Dancing.
  • he's so handsome in breeches that teenage girls stalk him for a picture with him at our performances.
  • he works hard to support me and has never had any expectation that I should work too (though I enjoy the work I do!)
  • he make GORGEOUS baby girls.
  • he changes diapers without complaint and laughs when he gets pooped on.
  • he tell me (and the girls) silly made up stories with dragons, knights, and princesses.
  • most of the time, he tells me the silly stories in the middle of the night when I wake up from a bad dream.
  • he has burped an invisible baby girl in his sleep and practically pushed me off a spot in the bed where he thought Aeralind was lying while he was asleep.
  • he calls me just about everyday at 5:30 on the dot to let me know that he is super excited to be coming home to his girls.
  • he gives me this proud wink-like look when he succeeds in burping a baby that I couldn't get to burp.
  • he has the most amazing eyelashes and tolerates me stroking them. (I know, I'm weird.)
  • he has a play list of songs he wants to sing to the girls including More Beautiful You by Jonny Diaz (sob sob!).
  • he sings the same song to me.
  • he is so tender and gentle with Aeralind and Bronwyn
  • he tells me he loves me a billion times a day.
  • he loves Jesus with fearless abandon!


Kingdom Mama said...

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with us. And tell your hubby, "Awwwwwww!" from me;)

Melissa G. said...

Hi there, i found your blog through your link to this post on Kingdom Twindom. Your list about your husband is great. You've inspired me to write one about my husband. =)

I really like the name of your blog because i'm a Melissa too!

It's nice to meet you!

Mel said...

I also found you through KingdomTwindom (Thanks KingdomMama!!) I'm getting married in a few short weeks and I started a list around the time we got engaged, but have since put it to the side. How great would it be to somehow incorporate my list into the wedding?! Thanks for inspiring me to get back to it!

BTW, my name is also Melissa Ann! How cool!