10 September 2009

An Ode to Brethine

Twice we have met
and twice you have calmed me,
even though you were supposed to make me jittery.
My irritable uterus loathes you,
stopping short it's naughtiness when you are near.
One day soon we might dilate and not need your services.
Then I shall sleep far less,
thank you for the rest.

How corny is that... I think I need a nap already...

Happy 36 weeks, little girls!


Jennifer said...

Woo hooo for 36 weeks!

Derek Aldrich said...

I like it darling. :)

Lauren said...

...it was only after I googled Brethine, that I realized it is NOT Baby B's name!! :-P
happy 36 weeks, sweet girls!!

Mamma Mia said...

Oh my!!!!! How nice, twingirls, thats fantastic! And its good that you have come this far in your pregnancy!

Ann-Christin in Sweden


Mollie Greene said...

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