07 October 2009

Moby Wrap: A Review and Giveaway

Soon after I found out I was expecting twins I began to wonder how on earth I was going to get them from one place to another. Should I register for a tandem stroller or a side by side? Would it fit through a door? Could I actually turn a corner in it? And what about the evening stroll around our block that my husband and I like to enjoy: Could it make it up these monstrous hills?
The hill leading up to our house. This isn't even the biggest hill in the neighborhood.

We ended up purchasing an old Double Snap and Go off of Craigslist that is quite a bear at almost 8lbs without the car seats and babies added to it! Don't get me wrong, I love it for things like short shopping trips, but that walk around the block? Impossibly difficult! Well, maybe my husband could muscle his way through that walk, but it wouldn't qualify as a stroll with all the huffing and puffing he'd be making. And of course, after my c-section I'm not really even allowed to lift one of the car seats let alone the push the stroller with two!

So in short, we are so glad we registered for Moby Wraps! The Moby Wrap isn't a sling or a carrier, but rather a long stretchy piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself snugly and then insert your baby. And unlike the more traditional (and super expensive!) carriers out there, I can carry BOTH of my babies in one wrap while not disobeying the doctors orders not to lift more than a gallon of milk! The wrap grows with your baby and allows you to carry the child until they are 35lbs which is realistic because the child's weight is distributed evenly across your back and torso.
On a walk with our cat Moonbeam. Yep, he thinks he's a dog.

Outside of our evening stroll, Derek and I have loved the Moby Wrap in following the Lactation Consultant's recommendation of Kangaroo Care with our 36 weekers. Kangaroo Care is skin to skin contact with the baby on your chest.

Derek and Bronwyn enjoying some Kangaroo Care.

It helps the girls maintain body temperature and feel like they are still in the womb listening to my heartbeat. In short, Kangaroo Care lets the girls use less energy and, therefore, helps them gain weight faster. Without the Moby Wrap, Kangaroo Care would require me to be still during my few waking hours, holding one or both of the girls to my chest. But using the Moby Wrap I can Kangaroo and blog or sew or do the dishes or fold laundry. The Moby helps me maximize my waking hours.

Needless to say, my husband and I love this product and are so thankful to the people who went out on a limb and purchased them from our baby registry. I loved it so much that I contacted Moby Wraps about doing a giveaway on this blog and guess what? They agreed!

One lucky person will receive a Moby Wrap in a random drawing from my comments sections. Here's how to enter:
  1. Go to Moby Wrap and pick your favorite color (mine is Moss and my husband chose Indigo).
  2. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite color and how you would use your Moby if you won.
  3. Make sure that your email address is either on your Blogger Profile or in your comment so I can contact you for your address if you're the winner.
  4. I'll use a random number generator to select the winner on the girls' one month birthday: October 11th


Jessica said...

Hi Melissa!

Just wanted to say, I LOVE my Moby too! (The company is actually based in the same California town that my brother and sister-in-law reside.) And guess what? I still use it, even though Isaac and Kathryn are now approaching 14 months. I totally agree with you...one of the best shower gifts we rec'd. :)


Schaefer Clan said...


I would LOVE to win a Moby wrap! I would use it to carry both twins at the same time :-) Thanks for doing this giveaway!


Michele said...

I'm due in November with our second daughter and would love to win a Moby wrap! I'm sure that it would make things easier with a newborn and a toddler. Out of all of the colors I would pick the Chocolate wrap.

The Fam said...

TRUE STORY! I lost my Moby Wrap several weeks ago at an orchard picking apples. I unwrapped my daughter, set it down, and just totally forgot about it. I'm SICK! A generous friend gave it to me before my baby was born and it's ended up being the best gift I had received! I can't affort to replace it right now, it would be WONDERFUL to win this. I had a Chocolate wrap and would pick that again. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. Singing the Moby praises!

Jennifer said...

Ok, not entering since my twins are 1 - but I swear we must be neighbors! I live off of Brushy Creek Rd, how about you??

Jamie said...

Hi Melissa!
This is Jamie from the Multiples class. Congratulations on your twin girls :) :) My boys will be making their debut in a couple weeks. I have a carrier but not a wrap and would love to win a red one!

Amanda said...

Excellent idea for the giveaway. I just saw a lady on tv using one of these and did not know what it was and thanks to you now I do. I am seriously considering adding one to our registry! I think the chocolate color may be my favorite.

Schaefer Clan said...

Oh- I forgot to leave a color- I like pacific and fuschia and chocolate :-) Hard to pick just one.

Thanks again!

kerry said...

Hi Melissa! I have been debating which sling/wrap to get to help with my soon-to-arrive twins, and you've sold me on this one! I love the idea of carrying both of them at once, especially since I have a 3-yr old and a 5-yr to keep track of, also, and that will not be easy to do with twins! My favorite Moby wrap color is chocolate!
Thanks for the review and the giveaway! All the best with your babies :)

Andreina said...

Hi!!! I love the Moss color too and would use it to carry one of my boys :)

I would love to win one!!!


Deanna said...

I don't think I could fit both babies in it, but it sure would be handy when one is a fussy britches! I love the chocolate color. Great giveaway!!

Heather said...

I don't know if I qualify for the giveaway, since I don't have any babies and I'm not pregnant. But you've sold me on it anyway, so if I won I would put it in my "someday" stockpile for when I do have a baby. I like lilac.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want this to carry around my baby sister when she's born next month! Of course I'd have to share it with my mom. ;) After 4 brothers, I am SO excited to be getting a sister!!! lol. My favorite color is Sienna.



Sarah said...

I'd love the natural one, for my first daughter, who's due in 3 weeks.

mystical.beauty at yahoo.com

Melissa G. said...

Wow, i didn't know you could carry two babies in a Moby Wrap! How cool!

I would love to try one of these! A friend showed me hers and it looked great! I have an eight month old who has out grown his sling but i still want to carry him close to me.

Oh yea, i like the Pacific or the black... or the red! I love them all!

missylovsjesus at yahoo dot com

michelle said...

The Pacific color really caught my eye, but I'd also like navy (does that give me a better chance of my husband using it, too?) =) We're expecting our first early next year and I would love to be able to hold the baby so close!
-michelle, mmwoloszyn(at)hotmail(dot)com

Josh and Nancy said...

I loved using friend's Moby Wraps with my first, and then again with the twins! However, they are both being used and need a one for #4 due in Jan. I love the Brown or Dark Blue for my little boy!

PS I Love your backgrouns music!

Meredith said...

I have my LO in her Moby right now! it is a god send when she isn't feeling well, and just about any other time too!
I have been thinking of getting a second one as a back-up to this since we love it so much, and I am thinking that the Moss is a good gender neutral color that my husband can use too! (and it won't show animal hair as much either!)

Judson Family said...


I love the Red colour, WE have a moby and if I won this one then I would generously give it to a close freind of mine who just had her second child, Her babies are 14 months apart and she is struggling with baby wearing and is envious of my moby.

Katie said...

Ok, I LOVE THE WRAPS!!! I'm so impressed your hubby wears one. How cute is he to do that? I loved my Snap 'n' Go, but you're right, once you get everyone in, it's quite the hefty package. However, be glad you don't have a DuoGlider........IT'S A BEAST!!!!