11 November 2009



Michelle said...

I wanted to give you props for continuing to nurse. I nursed for a year and best decision I made. Also, both of mine had reflux and my daughter had a milk protein allergy. Milk protein is TOTALLY different from reflux. L would not gain weight, and screamed for 10 hours a day. Also, would not eat. Let me know if you need a fellow UMOM to talk to who has been there done that.

Michelle G.
mommy to Grant and Lauren 8/6/08

shannon said...

:( vaccine days are always my least fave days. i'm almost certain that i cry more than my babies.

Andreina said...

Oh no :(
I have yet to give my boys any yet...I'm dreading it!...they get the Hep B shot next week :( (I delayed it until they gained some weight)