07 December 2009

One Thousand Gifts

30. Marcie Knox organizing the Under One Crowd at our local MoM's group
31. Marcie Knox making dairy free cookies for a playdate...mmm
32. Hugs
33. My frugal playmat updated with some toys.
34. Watching Bronwyn begin to whack the snail
35. Random gift of a $400 double stroller from people we'd never met
36. Girls that latch better!
37. How wonderful my husband smells
38. Hand me down clothing!
39. My sister and I laughing so hard it hurts our cheeks when I do something clumsy

holy experience

1 comment:

Valyre said...


Jim actually likes the oatmeal raisin walnut ones better than the regular ones. Also, thanks so much for the coupons! I'm really sorry we had to ditch you guys and take a nap. The boys haven't learned "Give me 5 minutes!" yet.