18 January 2010

One Thousand Gifts

164. 4 1/2 years with Moonbeam kitty and the ways He used that cat to comfort me
165. Laughter caused by little girl chatter
166. Girls reaching for their toys to hit their first 4 month milestone at 4 months :D
167. Health over this winter
168. Finding out I didn't have my first cavity yet ;)
169. Ladies bible study
170. Ashton Michael arriving safely and healthy!
171. Shepherding group
172. Going on walks as a family
173. Stain remover
174. PomPom topped hats
175. The Father who runs to us even after we run away
176. Random chocolate chips eaten off the kitchen floor :-p
177. Provision. The God who provides.
178. My sewing machine
179. The often unused ability to listen
180. Bronwyn's ability to tolerate me eating a yogurt... so tasty...
181. Being used to bless others
182. A morning out without the girls
183. A husband who took care of the girls on my morning out
184. How the poor girls fell asleep in our arms while suffering vaccine consequences
185. How we too can fall into His arms for comfort while suffering sin consequences
186. The comfort in being held

holy experience


Jenny said...

Oh my, vaccine consequences; I hope all is well.

Melissa Ann said...

They're fine, they just had a fever and wanted to be held tightly. I'm so glad they've never been sick! It's so hard to bear that sad scream :(

Laura at By the Bushel said...

The comfort in being held... I forget sometimes what a blessing it is to have human touch in my life. Someone who is willing to let me linger when I need it. thanks for counting, making the world a better place, one appreciated moment at a time- Have a super week-