21 January 2010

Top 5 things I never knew I would do as a mom

5. Intentionally frustrate them by putting them on their belly.
4. Talk to them about how wonderful it is to find dairy free hot chocolate while pushing them in the grocery store.
3. Limit my childs time to a toy (cow) so as to slow her obsession,
2. Using a cold, wet wash cloth on them to wake them up for feedings.
1. Pick buggers out of my daughters nose with dull tweezers while she is screaming so I don't have to listen to Darth Vader breathing at night.


Valyre said...

The booger thing would be on my list, too, except I just use a finger nail. Or the evil blue squeezy ball thing. I'll be happy when they can blow their noses on their own.

I just can't bring myself to to tummy time. They'll probably have to learn to crawl in college or something. I'm hopeful with the way they like to stand, they'll just go right to walking.

Melissa Ann said...

We've suddenly hit the crossroads for tummy time. It was like a switch turned at the doctors last Wednesday when Dr. Woodlief told them how proud she was that they were lifting their heads. It may have had something to do with the mirror though... But in any case, little B was just on her tummy for 20 minutes without a single peep until the end! So my girls will probably still be crawling in college at this point ;)