26 April 2010

The Gift of Family

We've had so many opportunities to revel in family this week.  I wish I could just jot it all down moment by moment, but it's just not possible. Here's a tiny list of what I'm thankful for:

382. Little Toes to paint while they munch on banana in a mesh feeder
383. Changing diapers in my Sister's astro-turf clad trunk
384. Laughter as one of the girls spits up all over my sister who is scared of drool :)
385. Aeralind laughing at Grandpa Campbell
386. Bronwyn stroking the mustache
387. Both girls staring at Grandma Campbell while finishing their pears
388. The drive to Columbia to see them, while singing Rich Mullins with Derek
389. The drive back from Cola, two exhausted girls asleep, while Derek and I had priceless time to just talk
390. Derek's new-found ability to make both girls laugh hysterically when making crazy noises and rubbing his face on their tummies
391. Derek jumping up during prayer time at church to get me tissues without me asking
392. Going down the slides at the park with the girls in their Moby Wraps
393. Silly family self-portraits

394. All four of us tucked in bed Friday morning, chatting and snuggling
395. Giggles and Shrieks coming from the nursery as I set up my nursing pillow and Derek retrieves the babies
396. All four of us sitting at the dinner table chomping on Sweet Potato Fries
397. Staining the deck with the girls in Exersaucer's aptly listening to me sing\
398. Little girls stealing their daddy's glasses before he has a chance to stop them
399. Holding hands during bedtime prayers

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Valerie said...

I love the picture of the little feet! They are really cute. I like how you do these posts. I bet as you continue to do them day after day you remember so many of the little things that happened and it makes you more in-tune. I may have to copy it for a blog entry. :)

Melissa Ann said...

Please join the gratitude community! I would love to see what the Lord is doing in your life! Hop on over to Holy Experience and read. Her blog is simply addicting as she learns to love Jesus more deeply and shares her Holy Experiences with us!

Alida said...

I love the photo of the feet!!! So precious :-)

Aiming for a quiet life: Peace, Alida