18 April 2010

Spring Top 2: Red Crossover Top

Back when I was 4 months pregnant with Aeralind and Bronwyn, I sewed up Vogue 1027 in some Ruby Red Cotton Jersey. I cut my size in the bust and eased the bottom out to the next size up to add a little room for the babies' belly.  I wore it all the time!

No really, I promise I had a baby belly in these photos, the dress was just that flattering!  I even wore it for our church picture directory photo 2 weeks before I delivered the girls.  I almost wish I was pregnant again so that I could wear it. Almost...

There was very unfortunate problem with this pattern: it had way too much wearing ease for a garment made from a knit fabric and, therefore, had quite the case of gaposis at the bust. Fortunately, I had just enough of that wonderful red jersey leftover to make a spring top!

I used the bust portion of Vogue 1027 two sizes smaller than the back of the pattern suggests.  Then, I used one of my Down East Basics Wonder Tees to draft the lower portion of the shirt.

It's not as fun to twirl in, but it's definitely more modest (especially since I tacked the crossover closed) and super comfy!  I think I'll be revisiting this pattern again in the future. ;)


RebaMc said...

You've an amazing talent! I keep promising myself that I'll get our sewing machine out to have a tinker... but I don't think the results will be close to yours!

Jessica said...

Love this top! And thanks for the Wonder Tee link. I am long waisted and have a hard time finding shirts that don't expose my twin skin when I lift my arms! :)

Melissa Ann said...

I'm super long waisted and Down East has been my lifesaver since the babies! I'm really considering asking them to do a giveaway on this blog, because Down East stuff is the only stuff that covers the twin skin and keep the nursing apparatus covered well enough. Love their tops!