30 April 2010

Spring Top 4: Daisy Top

 So I have this old Gap top from oh... early college... maybe high school... I love it.  It's lightweight and it has a fun print and it goes with both my pink pants and my maroon pants.  But there's one problem... its predominately cream colored.  Normally that's not a problem.  But for the duration of twin nursing... it's a problem.  (Seriously, can the designers of nursing bras make one bra that doesn't have polka dots that will fit me?!  I get it... they're trying to make these functional bras hip and cool and what not.  But what we really want is a seamless nude colored bra with maybe a touch of lace.  Are you listening nursing bra companies that make bras in my size? )

So since this top was one of my spring and summer staples and I wasn't in the mood to trace out a pattern from Ottobre like I had wanted (nor did I have the time during naps), I based my last Spring Top design off of this top.

It's a simple 3 piece design. A front and a back and a waistband.

I love the wide neckline, the ruched waistband, and the split sleeves.  But in the solid color rather than the cream and pale pink print of the original, the shirt looked pretty boring.  So I added some hand-stitched daisies to give it a little more Anthropologie style.

Perfect :)


Ramona Burke said...

is there any chance you can show how you made the daisies? i LOVE them.

Melissa Ann said...

My flowers are sort of link the flowers at the link at then end of this comment. I folded the fabric circles into fourths and gathered the flower just like she did. Then I took a circle of fabric and slip stitched it to the center folding the edges over as I went. Does that make sense? If not I can do a tutorial, but it might take me awhile!

Chelsea said...

I love this! You are so talented! And I so agree about nursing bras!!! That is exactly what I always wished to find... nude, smooth (no inconvenient seams) and maybe a little pretty lace. C'mon, that's not too much to ask!
(I wouldn't be surprised if you sew up an awesome bra... you seem to have the skills!)

Melissa Ann said...

Bras... hahahahaha... That's way to hard... straps and clips and fitting this nursing chest... oh how crazy an adventure that would be. By the time I figured it all out they'd be weaned :)

Thanks for you vote of confidence though :)

Me and Madeline said...

I love this so much! Especially the daisies and the sleeves.

the momma said...

I love this! I, too, was hoping for a daisy tute :-) I'll check out that link ~ thanks

also - nursing bras ~ try Lane Bryant's cotton demi underwire bras

They aren't sold as nursing bras, but they work wonderfully! just pull out 'the milk jug' over the top of the bra & pop it back in when you're done.
They aren't cheap (but then, neither are any nursing bras!) but the quality is fabulous.

Ramona Burke said...

yay! I love these flowers so much that I'm back 6months later to check again, and now I'm totally gonna make some for dresses for my daughter.... your own tute would be awesome though, so....(hint hint!)... THANKS!