13 August 2010

Bumble Gum Tops and Big Butt Baby Pants

Last week I went thrift store shopping.  I was looking for some tops for me and maybe even a dress to refashion.  However, pushing a stroller through crowded aisles, with no one to talk to, and with a bizillion racks of clothing filled with random items... well, it gets old fast.  I did however spot one adorable grown up gauzy spaghetti strapped tank that I just had to have.  I knew I wouldn't wear it (I don't even own a strapless bra that fits!), but I knew two little girls who might just look good in the yumminess of that tank's fabric.  I also grabbed a 1x sized t-shirt to make pants to match.

And here is the result of that shopping spree:  The Bumble Gum Tops and The Big Butt Baby Pants

The tops are a modified version of my Grow Up Together Dress.  I love the sheerness and floaty quality that the fabric has.  Aeralind loves grabbing her top and swinging it around. Mommy loves that they'll be equally as cute over a long sleeve top on a dreary winter day.  Sorry about the photo quality ;)  Getting these girls to sit still these days is like hog tying an angry elephant!

Unfortunately my 1x pink t-shirt only had enough fabric to make one pair of Big Butt Baby Pants.  I was testing this pattern for Rae and I can't tell you how perfect the pattern is! If you have a cloth diapered baby and your sick and tired of their diapers hanging out of ill fitting pants then you need this pattern.  My head is swimming with the possibilities: crawler skirts, bloomers, shorts, ruffly pants, and maybe even faux jeans: all that fit over my girls' huge diapers but don't slide off because they are big everywhere else!

So what do you think? Much improved over this, huh?


Thorson's said...

These were my favorite pants in the flicker pool- thanks for including your link in your photo description. I will definitely be trying these with knit and ruffles! My 5 month old is the only one in cloth anymore, and she'll appreciate some non-hand-me-downs :)
(if you click on my profile, you'll see that i am NOT a blogger!)

HaleyP said...

I found your blog from the flickr group with the big butt baby pants. I love making things in knit instead of plain cotton fabric. I was wondering if you used a size smaller for the big butt baby pants when using the knit..or the same size you would normally with non-stretchy fabric?