22 October 2010

Breastfeeding Part 15: And the Dairy is Closed

Wednesday morning the mom dairy closed for business (at least with this set).

13 months and 9 days is the final tally.

My Aunt Flow came for a visit and my supply usually drops during that time, the girls were being all crazy while nursing and I was just done.

So I closed up shop.  It just seemed like perfect timing for all of us.

So far so good.  But with all my issues with mastitis and no longer having access to a pump, I'm slightly nervous. 

In any case: the fridge is stocked with cabbage and the medicine cabinet has ibuprofen in case mastitis comes and both birth control pills and sudafed to slow up production if things start getting ugly.

Let me tell you as sad as I am that this time is over, I am glad I'm done. 

I feel so free.

And the girls are happy as clams drinking coconut milk from their straw cups.

I fought the good fight.  I saved us a ton of money.  I did the hardest thing I've ever done and I have two precious 19lb babies/toddlers to show for it.

I say it's a win/win situation :)


Julia said...

Way to go, Mama! What a huge accomplishment!

JoAnna said...

SO PROUD OF YOU!!! I made it a couple weeks shy of a year and my girls are happy with their cups. Yes, very freeing feeling but I do miss those snuggles while feeding. Looking back, it's my proudest accomplishment. Now when we're out of cloth diapers, I'll do a superhappydance!

Valerie said...

Congratulations Melissa! I'm so happy for you. I remember your struggles and loved your blog posts from those times as they greatly helped me. I've been able to do both nurse and bottle feed and that's been okay. I would kick myself but I know that I tried my best. When I'm truly free from the pump, I'll have a huge celebration!

What kind of straw cups do your girls use? I bought the Gerber sippy's and they are SO hard to get liquid out. I'm nervous at them being 9m and still don't use it very well. I think we need to try a new one.

Chelsea said...

I thought it was bittersweet too, but loved the freedom. Each stage is so fun and neat in its own way.

Krystal said...

I have to be honest, this post made me cry! I feel like my 9 month old twins are getting so close to a year. I'm not sure I'm ready to quit nursing :( (We are not sure if we are having anymore.) But, I AM ready for a weekend away :)