27 December 2010

Christmas Thanks

It's been a long and chaotic week, but brimming full of blessings.
  • Last dreary dark day of winter ending. Hope in the sun shining longer each day.
  • Making Christmas cookies each evening this week.
  • Epecially the chocolate and pecan dipped short breads
  • Someone in the neighborhood practicing Christmas carols on trumpet? french horn?
  • Dreams still coming true
  • Dinners made with random leftover
  • Reading Little House on the Prairie aloud to the girls
  • Bronwyn handing me Little House to read after lunch
  • Both girls putting their clean clothes up (it may be awhile before their drawers see folded laundry again. lol!)
  • Aeralind retrieving books for me to put back on shelves
  • Warm weather forecast for tomorrow
  • Little girls staying up late with gas
  • Late night time to doodle with crayons and toddlers on wrapping paper
  • Going outside for a warm day without having to bundle babies
  • Reading books while eating lunch
  • Getting my Perrier Christmas letter-Love it!
  • Sunshine!!!
  • Bronwyn stalking my gratitude journal

  • Bronwyn on the tabletop licking cookies
  • Aerlind: Mud Princess

  • My DSLR and the sweet husband who bought it for me in Feb 2009
  • My sweet God who orchestrated my breaking my old point and shoot digital camera right before we found out there were 2 babies in me.  We never would have spent taht money on a DSLR had we know we were having two!
  • My pediatrician not questioning delaying the MMR or Hep B.
  • A Day of Chaco weather to clear out the winter drearies
  • Plowing through a ton of catch-up posts on my new photography site.
  • Going to bed early before a night with a lot of wake ups
  • A mopped kitchen floor
  • A husband who helped me mop
  • Warm sunshine streaming in even when it is cold out
  • A partial scholarship to the YMCA so I can swim laps whenever I want!
  • Frozen meals
  • Christmas crafting finished early
  • Staining my paints before tossing in the last load of darks
  • My ssiter arriving safe
  • Sick babies waking up and playing with their Aunt Kay for awhile
  •  Tears of frustration because of lack of sleep and whining babies: recognizing points of weakness
  • Yummy Christmas breakfast with family
  • The girls ripping open packages and hand out gifts

  • The generosity of my family
  • Stuffed mushrooms
  • Relatively smooth transition to one nap
  • Playing with Cozy Coups and Giant Waffle Blocks on the floor
  • Christmas naps
  • The first white Christmas in South Carolina in 45 years!!!
  • Dad's famous Christmas meal.  
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Sharing memoris with mom
  • A teal Dress for me
  • Little girls playing in the snow

  • Sick babies sleeping in my bed
  • Gift Cards
  • A peaceful, restful Monday


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Little House on the Prairie was a favorite of mine as a little girl..glad you are enjoying it with your children!

Debbie said...

Love your list!