10 January 2011

Another Quick Week

I'm not sure when life is going to slow down again.  I can hardly believe another week has passed.  But this week has been full of gifts from the Father. 
  • Becca hanging out with Aeralind while I took Bronwyn to the Dr. Alone
  • A Good Lung Re-Check
  • Playing with Bronwyn alone in the office
  • Finding Aerie asleep in a hammock swing when I returned!
  • Bronwyn finally sleeping through the Night again!
  • Little girls refusing to eat a cut up strawberry.  Only a whole one (leaves and all!) will do!
  • Strawberries on sale
  • Bronwyn wave-she's such a flirt
  • Aeralind hug-flying fast and with big squeezes
  • Talking with Julia
  • Finally binding the quilt I've been working on forever.
  • Babies blowing kisses at me
  • A day warm enough to play in the yard (or maybe I'm jsut getting used to the coldness)
  • Little girls lifting shirts and babbling "Baba Bab Ba!" (Belly Button)
  • Runny noses lessening
  • Playing in the yard with the girls
  • Grilled Cheese
  • 2 consecutive nights of sleep
  • Baby hugs
  • Jump in my arms off the waffle tower game
  • Baby Dragon noises as the playfully challenge Derek and I to chase them
  • Laughter--oh, sweet laughter!-- squealy laughter, upside down laughter, baby laughter.
  • My emotionally strong husband
  • Moving Quiet Graces Photography to Wordpress
  • Walking hand in had up the street with two girls
  • Free Chick-fil-a Spice Breakfast bisquit day
  • A half sleepless night to discipline me in love
  • Being able to attend volunteer training for six hours without the babies
  • Making friends with Joanna at the training
  • Inviting Joanna over to sew costumes for her and her babies and my family
  • Derek watching the girls so I could go
  • The time period of Roper Mountain's Living History Fram being 1810-- That means new costumes for me and Derek!
  • Already owning a suitable print for one of the girls' dresses
  • a slow and quiet birthday
  • stuffed mushrooms
  • lemon cake with raspberry filling and stablized whip cream frosting
  • Playing jump off the mega waffle blocks with the girls
  • Birthday snow!
  • 8 inches of accumulation!
  • Bundling wiggly girls up to play in snow- including their Ziploc and Rubberband boots :)
  • Little girls sitting on our laps as we go through snow photos
  • A rare 1.5 hour nap after their snow adventures
  • unseasonably inexpensive apricots
  • A local CSA to join with Heirloom tomatoes
  • A snow day with Daddy
  • 3 consecutive nights sleep
  • chili on a cold day

holy experience

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