14 February 2011

The more I count what He gives, the more I come to understand that there is nothing that I have not received.  Even those things for which I feel like I am owed some credit are gifts.  Some examples:

  1. My father-in-law calls me "Missy 3.9".  It's a reference to my grade point average in college.  I am very gifted academically.  But, as the term "gifted" states, my academic prowness is simply a gift.  I've done nothing to earn it.
  2. I take photographs.  Some people say they're beautiful.  I can grow proud easily over these comments.  I can look at another photographers work and critique their poor composition or their personal tastes in processing. But my camera (even broken as it is currently), my bringing an image to life, and even my vision itself is a gift from God.  I cannnot take pictures without His grace.
  3. My daughters behave wonderfully in public.  They rarely cry, they walk with me hand in hand, they never suffer stranger anxiety, and they listen when I say "Do not touch."  How easy it is for me to say that their good behavior is due to good time for our outings or that I have trained them to obey me at such a young age.  But the truth is that they are good-natured kids who become quiet when they are overstimulated.  Those character traits are in spite of me, not because of me. In fact, I often struggle to spend quality time with them each day and, also, to be consistent in discipline.
Every thing I have is a gift from a good God.  Gifts that I can grow proud over or gifts that I can bow humbly to say "Thank you" when I recognize them.  I'm slowly learning to choose the latter.

Here are #1522-1579 of the thousands of gifts He gives... that I am just beginning to comprehend.
  • Sleeping through the night for the first time in over a week
  • A fabulous swim workout
  • Ladies bible study
  • A visit from Tamara and little Lydia
  • The girls sharing toys with Lydia
  • Girls "Awake and wiggly" for the first time in weeks when daddy came hom.
  • Empty boxes filled with babies
  • Snuggling and petting Moonbeam kitty
  • Aeralind picking out a skirt to wear today
  • Striped tights- I love them!  Tell me why grown women don't wear striped tights?  I'm so jealous :)
  • Bungee cording Julia's package to my mailbox so I don't have to go to the post office.  My mail lady thinks it's as funny as I do.
  • Bronwyn sitting through nebulizer treatments in the middle of the night with such sweet patience.
  • Broken camera being replaced by generous parents
  • Ergo on its way!
  • Wonder-waiting to see if 11 year old Chella took the gratitude challenge
  • Little girl shoes found consistently in drawers.  At least when they hide their shoes they're trying to be neat ;)
  • Hot Tub Night
  • 17 months with the girls
  • Rearranging furniture in my bedroom
  • Cuddle with Derek time
  • Fun with UMoMs at the Winter Party
  • Zachary hugging and mothering my girls 
  • Marshmallow fluff: I hate the stuff but Derek has been teasing me about it for weeks
  • Opening my business checking account with Lindy
  • Chatting with Lindy
  • The gift of Brandt
  • A much needed eye appointment
  • The ability to write 
  • The covenantal love of God.  He doesn't have to love me, but He chooses to love me steadfastly.
  • The drudgery of writing business document
  • Exhaustion: reminder than I am not God.  I need rest.
  • The new arrangement of furniture in my bedroom.  I want to be in there more :)
  • Lack of sleep: I can only do all things through Christ right now.
  • More conviction at SCORE.  I am a sluggard
  • My bedtime
  • The color green.
  • Putting a rubber grip from a dead pen onto a pen painfully missing a rubber grip
  • Leaky diaper spray warm in my lap
  • Reaching the center of my Thanks Moelskin.
  • Princess Polka Dot and Princess Popsicle dresses from Auntie Kay.
  • Little girls wearing hats the entire time in nursery.
  • Sunshine
  • More conviction
  • Sweet Gum balls
  • Little girls chewing on sweet gum balls

  • Aeralind joyfully exclaiming "Hi, duck!" to the ducks at the lake and trying desperately to walk on water to get to them.
  • Over-curious babies not getting their wishes to jump in the lake.
  • Cedar Knees

  • Derek laughter as I sigh joy about trees
  • The moon seen during the day
  • Little girls distracted by every dog they see even though distance of less than 1 foot between them and the dog terrify them.
  • The beautiful white tree

  • Little girl squeals
  • Days getting longer again
  • Rest.
  • Barefoot soccer goalie-ing at SCORE.
  • Holding a fussy Aeralind close and feeling her relax into me.
  • Books to fill a quiet evening.

holy experience


    Amy Sullivan said...

    Bounced over from Ann's great list and I love your pics! I've been so wanting to get into photography lately, and so I have some major picture envy.

    Nice "meeting" you.

    A. R. Campbell said...

    I looked up in the sky today and also thanked God for being able to see the moon in the daytime.

    I really like your blog. Your girls are beautiful!

    ...and I miss you and Derek.


    Melissa Ann said...

    Aw, thanks, Ruth. I'm glad you found my little piece of the internet :)