22 February 2011

More Simple Thanks

  • Swimming laps
  • Thing One and Thing two :)
  • Plum Jelly on little faces
  • A very very unexpected surprise!
  • Finding that Bronwyn responds to discipline well in the middle of the night.
  • Mail
  • Clothing tagged and ready to consign
  • Knowing the tagged clothing will pad the savings account
  • Knowing that I can always go to bed early after a rough night
  • Leftovers
  • Outside time x 2
  • "mmmmm mmmmm" noises while they eat
  • A fantastic visit with mom & sister
  • Bronwyn claiming and hugging and loving on her Auntie KayKay

  • Aeralind climbing the giant hill over and over and over again

  • Getting spoiled by Granma
  • Falling flat on my face turning a cartwheel at Score
  • Chatting with Johana on the phone
  • 3 glorious consequtive nights of sleep and one great nap for me
  • Being introduced to Nutella
  • 3 day weekend for Derek
  • Clothes on the line again after many cold months
  • Capable girls holding a lower railing and walking down stairs
  • Clean cloth wipes strewn across my yard
  • Snot bubbles (hysterical!)
  • Bronwyn snot & kisses on my cheek
  • Bare little legs in skirts
  • Dirty knees and Kay Kay's Converse sneaker gifts
  • playing at the zoo with cousins
  • Bronwyn going nuts in the reptile exhibit
  • Aeralind squealing and waving gleeful at gibons and toucans
  • Finding Marq
  • Holding Mariana's hands and remembering her snuggles when she was the girls' age
  • Places where kids eat free
  • Sweet potato souflee
  • Fried okra
  • First coats of primer fresh on cabinets
  • Babbies jumping crazy on their mattresses

  • More interuppted sleep- teaching humility & unselfishness
  • Chatting with Sarah
  • Sarah's attitude
  • Wind Chimes
  • Warm weather
  • Beabies eating peas standing up
  • Sassy independent Aeralind climbing into my lap to hear about the Chapter 5 that may just change my life
  • Little haircuts

  • Exploring the Rock Quarry Gardens :) 
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holy experience

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    Amy said...

    nutella- breakfast of choice for my daughter- paired with a graham cracker