09 June 2011

Little One's Nursery Brainstorm

I'll tell you a little secret.

Our guest room is our junk/storage room.  It's filled to the brim with photography props, bookshelves, a queen bed, my double stroller (I'm seriously contemplating selling it...), and other random assorted junk.

Here's just a peak into the door.


Fortunately for this room, it's going to have to get cleaned out and made into a nursery.  So in order to motivate the cleaning... here's what's floating around in my head as far as nursery design ideas.  Keep in mind that we're not finding out the gender of this little one so this room is going to quite neutral.

We've always known that the walls in that room were destined to be yellow.  So here's the color scheme (All paint samples from Sherwin Williams).

My entire upstairs has taken on a bird and tree them.  The girls room has some pretty fantastic Bird Art.  The bathroom is built around this amazing tree/owl/squirrel shower curtain from Target.  And I just realized today that even our room participates in this theme with a eagle embroidery above our bed.  So it seems only natural that the tree and bird theme overflows into our new little one's nursery.

Here's a design board of the elements I'd love to include. 

Here's where you can find these items:
(I love it in these colors! Though I might request a lighter blue for the Owls and Birds)
Dresser Building Plan
(painted in the Stream Color.. or maybe Morning Fog? Or a little Morning fog glaze over Stream?)
(Our neighbor gave us a slightly faded wing back chair like this one that I'm sooo ready to slip cover)
Ikea Leksvik Crib (we're borrowing it from a friend)
Premier Prints Hoot Owl Village  (my idea is to use it as an accent fabric: maybe quilt backing and pillow for the wing back chair)
Premier Prints ZigZag Village Blue/Natural  (Curtain Option 1?!  Or Changing Pad Cover? or Crib Skirt? or Simple top for quilt/coverlet?)
Premier Prints Ozbourn Village Blue/Natural (Curtain Option 2?!  Or Changing Pad Cover?  Or Crib Skirt?)

So I need some serious help with what fabrics to use for the quilt, changing pad, and curtains.  What do you think?


Julia said...

I love, love, love the morning fog color! The owl print picks up that color too, which I love. Of the two (zigzag and ozborn village) I'd do zigzag for the curtains. The ozborn village (which I love) while neurtal in color is a more feminine print, in my opinion. So---if you want to have your OB write down the sex of the baby, I'll let you know what I think about using ozborn village for your curtains ;)

Jessica said...

Such a soothing color scheme!

I LOVE the wall art. I know of a local company (husband and wife team) that creates wall art. If you are interested, I'll shoot you their contact info.

And I agree w/ Julia. I'd pick the zigzag for the curtains also.

Annette W. said...

(Visiting from BBC's 10/11 Christian board)

Our spare room looks like that too. Scary what needs to happen before October, huh?

Don't count my opinion...my decor understanding is extremely limited...but I'm not a fan of zigzags on walls/curtains.