02 January 2012

Late Monday Counting :)

  • Watching the Christmas story told by children
  • The girls asking to watch it over and over "Baby yasus! Star!"
  • The star: It just makes me grin
  • New vocabulary word: "Party"
  • Playing at the museum with grandparents
  • Bronwyn and Papa riding a stationary bike
  • Carrying Aerie in the Ergo while Baba holds the boy
  • Yummy food from dad
  • watching girls decorate gingerbread cookies
  • Aerie loving the art project-ness of the cookies

  • Bronwyn spooning frosting in her mouth and sampling all her cookies

  • Shared laughs with Papa

  • Laughter and raspberry noises at the girls waking up with gift bags filled with elephants in their cribs
  • Girls stopping all Christmas unwrapping to play with their Goodnight Moon game
  • Playing with the car ramp
  • Me collapsing with the flu down for a nap
  • Having that freedom
  • Derek having Monday off so I could rest some more
  • Lots of grace to deal with screaming Sedryn who doesn't approve of me eating ice cream before bed.
  • Hearing the girls chant "Lobby lobby lobby!" when I told them we're going to Hobby Lobby
  • Treking over to Target to look for how to spend Christmas money from the Maine grandarents
  • Stumbling on owl toddler sheets/comforter
  • Girls all excited about "bay gel sheets" (big girl)
  • Going home with the excitement and spontaneously converting their cribs to toddler beds
  • More joy over big girl beds
  • When B got tired she informed me "I nap"
  • Laughter as B hollared at A "obey obey OBEY!" about staying in her bed
  • Only 45 minute struggle to keep them in
  • Excitement to tell day about "bagel beds"
  • Listening to B tell A "no cry!" every time we closed the door
  • Girls sleeping soundly
  • Bedtime
  • 1 hour of flirt time with a boy who cried every time i stopped talking to him
  • Laughing as Sedryn busted out real tears every time Bronwyn yelled "No cry!" at him  I think she scared him or hurt his feelings
  • Long awaited date night
  • Ruthie, Mandy , & Matt enjoying the wiggles
  • Hearing about the girls' deltight at Ruthie playing their favorite song on the violin
  • Ruthie dealing with the curveball of toddler beds with such grace- even with naked diaperless kiddos running around at almost 9pm
  • Just talking with Derek
  • Fondue!
  • Chatting with Mandy, Ruthie, and Derek
  • Going over to paint at Ruthie's new home the next day
  • Secret toddler/Sedryn tree art project
  • Ruthie's near tears of joy when the girls delivered her artwork
  • Library fun
  • Derek leaving a hysterical message to Brad about Ruthie's "A Pirate's Night Before Christmas"
  • Finding the book on Julia's Pintrest later that day
  • IHOP with the family for Derek's birthday
  • Girls going to sleep in under 10 minutes both nap times today
  • Sedryn's big boy quilt fabic- makes me smile
  • Hearing this broadcast on Focus on the Family . A great way to start the epic toddler bed ordeal.
  • 4.5 day weekend with Derek
  • Moby wrap for unhappy baby
  • Finally getting to bake Beef Portobello Turnovers that I've had the filling in the freezer for over a month waiting
  • watching and overtired drowsy Bronwyn roll out of her toddler bed after extreme couple of nights of toddler bed drama
  • Girls who eat spinach
  • A partner who sits with me as we fight the girls over staying in bed
holy experience

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Anonymous said...

What a fun list! I just love the way young kids pronouce things:) So glad I stopped by today!