20 February 2012


I'm beyond exhausted today, so I don't have much to say.

Well, besides isn't that squirrel eating one of our compost bagels the funniest thing ever? Bird watching Derek calls these bagels (free day old bread that we don't always go through fast enough)our "hawk feeder"? Get it? Yeah... we're nerds around here...

#2999-3013 gift poured out like running water this week. (3000?! How did that happen?)

  • Sleeping til 4:30 before Sedryn woke for the first time in weeks
  • Showing the girls Moonbeam's 'gift' of a dead mouse
  • Girls taking my face in their tiny hands and turning it to glory at the Carolina wren on their homemade feeders.
  • Little boy falling into a daytime routine
  • Hearing little voices ask for a "smooch"
  • Sedryn  asleep with his legs on top of a pillow
  • Learking that Sedryn likes to sleep with a pillow on his chest
  • Being born in a video era
  • Sharing hand-me-down blessings
  • Play-doh
  • Bronwyn walking around in my socks
  • Aeralind dancing and rolling her hands in a parking lot
  • Sedryn finding his squealing voice
  • The way Aeralind says "Yesss" with a lisp
  • Bronwyn using her strong will for good: potty training herself!!!

holy experience

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