16 April 2012

Spontaneous Vacation

Sometimes a little spontaneity is a great thing.  Sunday night we talked about taking the girls to an aquarium while Derek had four days off work.  Monday morning we packed everybody up and took a two night stay in Gatlinburg.  I think we were actually packed up before we had a place to stay! 

We stayed in a two bedroom condo that I took a picture of while riding the Ober Gatlinburg tram.  I think spontaneous agenda free trips are the best way to travel with toddlers.  I can't wait until we do it again!

#3166- 3213 Blessings that I feel to small to hold!

  • Packing everybody up for a trip we planned less than 10 hours earlier
  • Aerlaind snoring on the ride up
  • Bronwyn doing preety well on no nap
  • Sedry sleeping in the car
  • mountain views
  • Kids eat free!
  • Girls hopping on a swing
  • Veggietales and cuddles
  • Girls managing ot sleep together in the Queen rather well
  • closet nook in our bedrom for Sedryn's PnP
  • Sunrise
  • Non-stick pans for the gril who forgot to pack oil
  • Pancake mix from Mandy
  • Girls bok-ing like chickens at the plates
  • Pancakes and fruit
  • Awe on little faces as sharks swam overhead
  • Excitement over peguins
  • Aerie standing right over the blowhole as it randomly squirted air
  • Carrying Bronwyn, Walking-bruise, in my Ergo after another fall
  • Rest time
  • Hearing girls squeal endlessly as they ran back and forth over the hanging bridge at NOC
  • First vacation at an age when the kids did not care if we drove aimlessly for an hour looking for something to do
  • Bronwyn pooping in the potty in the condo!
  • Handmade chocolates
  • 25 cent merry-go-round
  • Anticipation over the "choo-choo": the Ober Gatlinburg tram
  • Aerie sitting on her daddy's lap squealing "Whoa!!!" at each tram support
  • Bronwyn puking outside and while wearing a raincoat after daddy spun her too hard on a tire swing: easy clean-up!
  • Stopping to romp at a park with Auntie Jenn
  • Bronwyn squealing as Zoe licked her hand
  • Snatches of hearts shared
  • Sedryn sleeping in my arms
  • Driving straight to shepherding group
  • Laughing so hard I snorted candy into my nose when our supposed-to-be-sleeping girls turned on a blaring stereo!
  • Sharing in small group
  • Hearing others share at MOPS
  • the gospel
  • Eye doctor appointment
  • cute new eyeglasses being made
  • No more old eyeglasses headache!
  • new haircut
  • the way Aerie says "No. I do it!"
  • Laughter when we asked Bronwyn if she needed help and her saying "Yes, I do need help!" and continuing with her fit rather than saying "Help, please!"
  • Strawberry covered faces
  • Date day with the girls
  • Them trying on shirts in the changing room
  • Sharing a lunch outside with just the girls
  • Derek getting S on a good nap schedule
  • Sedryn sleeping from 8-5:45!!! Best stretch of sleep I've had since he was conceived!

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