17 September 2012

Real Life in Photos

Julia wrote this great Mama Loves post inspired by my Social Media Dare.  She challenged us all to share our mess visually as well.  I'm all for it!  Here's real life today in the Aldrich house.  Um... and I was too lazy to get my real camera and used my phone instead.  Ha!

 Looks like the girls gave up on cooking and called for take-out?

 That's my pile of clothing that's fit for consignment.

 Someone is unloading my dirty dishwasher and slinging around a fork in my sweeping tape square.

 Meanwhile Goodnight Moon Game is taking over the girl's room.

 Ooh, but look, my bed is made! A new habit I'm cultivating, maybe that makes up for the following image?

 Yeah, that's my at least 1 month uncleaned potty.  (I cleaned it after I took this shot...)

And that is a half made dress tossed over my sewing machine with the rest of the project carnage (and toddler toys) spread all around the room. Oh, and a pile of clothes too stained to consign.

1 comment:

Julia said...

I totally should have taken a picture of our toilet. It needs to be cleaned every bit as badly. Ha!

That's my one thing too. I try to make our bed when I'm feeling really overwhelmed with the mess. It gives me some semblance of control amidst the chaos.