06 April 2009

Enjoying the Spring

Yesterday, we enjoyed supper on the porch. We had Rubens, Italian 3 Bean Soup with Parmesan, and Fruit Salad with the lime dressing from Anna's blog. I loved the lime and honey dressing since I have absolutely NO desire for anything sweet! That tiny touch of tartness was delicious.

And oh, yeah, that's me barefoot and pregnant in the glorious sunshine. Really, it's not so bad.

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Emily G. said...

Hi Melissa! I'm EmilieMadeleine on S&S. I just wanted to give you my biggest congratulations on your precious babies. I am a big sister to twins. Twins are very special and they have a very special relationship with each other. (Even fraternal twins, though you will often be told this is not so).

Avacados, huh? I ate peaches like a maniac for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. You've made me curious to try avacados with popcorn. :)

Best wishes for an easy pregnancy and healthy babies!