21 August 2009

Perfect Gifts

Our decision not to share the names of our babies until they arrive has been generally very unpopular. Folks have complained about not being able to monogram items (even though we freely share the girls initials). I have found the negative response quite random, but we have persisted with our sweet secret :D

The Carolina English Country Dancers threw us a really sweet shower last night. Among their gifts were these two burp cloth sets.

Perfect! Derek and I chuckled and rejoiced at such thoughtful (and fun!) presents.


Kingdom Mama said...

Oh, cute! I think it's such a fun secret but I don't know how people manage it. I would have slipped often as I was constantly pointing at my belly and saying, "SoandSo, stop kicking your sister!"


Thanks for the link! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Andreina said...

haha, that's so funny!
We're having the same problem. We can't commit to names and really have no idea what we're going to name our boys...but people are going crazy with the "baby a" and "baby b" thing...oh well, that's what we call them for now and it works ;)