14 December 2009

OneThousand Gifts

40. Vegan Chocolate Chips
41. My husband "mowing the carpet"
42. FOUR nights with 7 hours of sleep
43. Babies that latch
44. Marriage and the wedding of friends
45. English Country Dance
46. Orange and White Moonbeam Snuggles
47. Cute warm dresses from my neighbor who drove me to the hospital

48. Three months with the sweet babies
49. A steady paycheck
50. Swag Bucks to spend on the girls for Christmas presents at Amazon.com without blowing the budget (if only I could decide what to buy!)
Search & Win
51. Flannel Sheets
52. A visit with Sara and her twins Frazor and Hunter
53. Fleece wearable blankets
54. Waffles
55. Winning a blog giveaway and the chance to share the whole prize with others for Christmas
56. Less reflux more smiles!
57. A predictable baby schedule
58. Not breaking my toe when the pot fell on it.
59. Reconnecting with folks from my Multiples Birthing class
60. The days about to get longer!
61. Sausage... I love sausage
63. All laudry clean and waiting to be folded

holy experience


Anonymous said...

Beautiful list and beautiful babies!!

Andreina said...

OMG!!! Your girls are so big!!! And SO cute!!! Alex and Lucas agree with me on that one ;)

How in the world did you lose 50 lbs? I'm so jealous!. I lost 28, but I'm hanging on to 20 stubborn pounds!!!. Hopefully they'll start coming off now that I'm back to running...

I'm so happy your Breastfeeding story was a successful one :)