16 December 2009

First Crushes



Melissa G. said...

Oh my! Those pictures are adorable!

I entered a photo contest on Facebook and we're in 2nd place! I really need my blogging friends help to make it to 1st! Only two days left to vote and we can vote once a day.

Can you help us? Use the link to vote for Christmas Cookies submitted by Melissa Gill...


Thank you so so much!

Aarti said...

Hi Melissa,
I only just came across you blog and enjoyed reading it. The twins are precious, and you are one fantastic seamstress! I envy you for it, but perhaps some day I'll get down to learning how to sew my own clothes too :)

Melissa Ann said...

Melissa, did you win?
Aarti, thank you so much for you kind words :D More sewing posts coming after the holidays when I don't have to keep things top secret ;)