01 February 2010

Multitude Monday

208. First taste of solid food laughter
209. Snuggling with hubby while watching NCIS
210. Fussy babies at 8:00pm rather than 3:00am
211. Generosity
212. God providing for our family in a very mighty way after asking for prayer.
213. Car insurance paid.
214. Grocery gift cards received
215. Our estimated tax return should provide for all the baby debt with some blessings to share with others.
216. Pumpkin pudding (otherwise known as pumpkin pie without a crust)
217. Little Monsters

218. Grocery worker taking out my groceries on a day when I couldn't avoid shopping with the girls in the cart
219. Creativity.
220. Ripples smoothed over with grace filled words.
221. Prayer
222. Pointing others to thanks.
223. Laid back babies
224. Ice crystal diamonds everywhere

225. Watching snow fall like gently blown petals
226. Icicle popcicles
227. Moonbeam lying on the couch next to me as I type
228. Sleep :)
229. A heater that works
230. Starfish toys to chew on

231. Maple Honey Turkey
232. A borrowed bumbo
233. Blankets

holy experience


Jenny said...

I enjoyed the pictures of your little monsters! Have a great week!

Valyre said...

We have the white monster outfit but the boys have outgrown it. Sad, because it was one of my favorites. We're jealous you guys can wear the pink one. I almost bought it for Zach since everyone thinks he's a girl anyways. :P