07 December 2010


Transparency is needed.

I think I hide behind my masks pretending everything is okay because I think everyone else has it all together.

But the truth is: I don't have all together.

And even more freeing: I'm pretty sure no one else has it all together either.

So here's a little transparency this morning to make you feel like you're not the only one with a messy heart or room.

This is the state of my living room 94% of the time (5% it's probably worse and the other 1% the toys might end up in the bins)

This is the state of my family room 92%  of the time (the other 8% of the time I don't have a finished quilt lying out waiting for me to purchase batting because the piece I have isn't nearly big enough)

This is the state of my sewing area 99.8% of the time.

As a bonus: I had to search the house for my camera to take these shots.  I hid it from the twins on top of the couch and the couch ate it.

One final confession: without transparency and humility before the throne of grace,  100% of the time my messy heart would be so much worse than any area of my home.


Valyre said...

Well, I can't find my camera, even after asking Jim to help me look.

It takes a brave soul to admit publicly that they're not perfect. The best and greatest thing I've always admired about you is that you've never pretended to be. It's not a competition and no one's going to show up at your door with a gold star because all of the toys are in a bin and you managed to vacuum that day. ;)

If anything, I like the mess most times. It reminds me that two crazy little people had a good time today, and that's what's important.

Melissa Ann said...

Thanks, Marcie. I almost always feel like I'm always pretending and just trying to fit in to places where I'll never fit.

I like the mess too :) I just don't like when it impedes finding my camera or makes sewing time stressful because I can't find anything ;)

Julia said...

Hey, I wanted you to know that I submitted this on the Multiples Blog Network. I think just about every MoM can relate to it, and would enjoy reading it. :)

Chris said...

I don't know a single person who has young children who's home doesn't look like this much of the time. A downfall of blogging is we always present our "best" self. It takes a brave heart to be completely honest. Thank you for keeping things real.

Life with Gemelos said...

Thanks for this post :) I saw a link to it on the multiples blog. Wow, can I relate. I constantly feel like my house is an embarassing disaster! I am inspired to do a similar post on my blog to be transparent! I especially appreicate your acknowledgement of the need for transparency and humility before the throne!

Sue said...

Twins -- SO cute.
House -- Of course because you are a busy Mom.
Sewing space-- Wow just enough room isn't it?