06 December 2010

The Joy of Counting


  • A back yard to play in
  • A story of grace to share
  • One night sleep, one night interrupted pattern
  • Grilled cheese shared with the girls
  • Christmas money from my sweet in-laws
  • Bronwyn's ability to climb (even when it gets dangerous)
  • A free night of baby sitting
  • Coming home to find a sweet Aeralind tucked in Mandy's arms
  • Talking to Mandy
  • Hot Ham and Cheese sandwich
  • Fleece lined pants
  • Catty wiggles
  • Fun shaped notebook (Dell notebook shaped) brought home by sweet husband
  • Food on the table
  • Pumpkin waffles
  • So many ways to create
  • Email
  • Saving over $100 dollars on a grocery trip for the whole month by using coupons/and sales
  • 12 boxes of cereal (enough for over a month) as a result of that trip
  • A cheerful smiling "Hi!" from sweet Bronwyn after a night of crying and morning of crabbiness
  • Homemade blueberry preserves coating little faces
  • Our Christmas/Jesse tree surviving for over a week in a home with 2 crazy toddlers.
  • Slowly spending/savoring our Christmas money from my in-laws
  • Derek and babies playing with rubber balls in Target
  • Teaching both girls to say and sign hat
  • Toddler carrying around books
  • Silly blueberry faces
  • Letting the girls knead pizza dough with me
  • The resulting pizza—sautéed onions and peppers and muenster cheese with leftover bratwurst  on an olive oil and spices base
  • Derek for saying “I’d love some pizza!” while we ate bratwurst and Caesar salad
  • $9.99 in CVS ExtraCare Bucks to spend however I like
  • My mom willing to croche some newborn photography props for me
  • Pulling Bronwyn out of the toilet bowl unscathed (did I mention she loves to climb everything!)
  • Hearing about my dad’s mysterious and delicious tomato plant that was still producing right up until the weather turned cold
  • A long nap for all crabby parties after a crazy night
  • An Amazon book order with SwagBucks earned giftcards 
  • Holding both babies in a rocker at tchurch nursery as we waited on Daddy
  • Playing fetch the balls with the babies as I record some of my blessings
  • Bronwyn lugging around blankets and talking to them
  • Aeralind bouncing on my lap
  • Blueberry preserves on little bottoms
  • Sunshine on cold days
  • Climbing--Oh the constant climbing!
  • Finally hearing the girls talk and understanding them
  • An opportunity to be paid for a passion
  • Wonton/Egg Roll Wrappers.  I'm obessed with all I can do with them
  • Being made new in the likeness of Christ

holy experience


Dorie said...

Wonderful list you are compiling
~ especially 'being made new in the likeness of Christ' ~ Amen!

Oh, and I like hot ham and cheese sandwiches and sunshine on cold days, too.

Julia said...

The girls are talking---how fun! I can't wait to hear what my girls' first word will be!

The toilet incident--hillarious!