18 January 2012

Toddler Activity of the Week: Lay-Dee Boog!

Bronwyn has a boyfriend.  His name is Bruce. She likes to pet him.  She insists that he's a "Lay-Dee Boog!"  I know the truth.

Bruce is a Hissing Cockroach.  He lives at our local Children's Museum.

I know... this doesn't sound so much like an activity besides going to see him at the museum, but it's become a game.

Bronwyn randomly looks at me during the day and says:
"Tea-um.  Kinger.  Lady-Dee Boog!"  (Museum. Finger-I touch him with one finger. Lady Bug)

To which I reply.
"Bruce is a Cockroach!"

Bronwyn grins slying and insists:
"Lay-Dee Boog!"
"Lay-Dee Boog!"
"Lay-Dee Boog!"

Until I either tickle her or collapse in a fit of giggles.

Here's a little interview of Bron-ee Bear telling you all about Bruce.  Enjoy!

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fraukuech said...

oh my word, that's adorable