05 April 2012

Toddler Language Pop Quiz

We're having a language explosion over here.

One day I left the girls with my friend Mandy and Aeralind gave Mandy her cup and said (apparently plain as day) "Will you hold this please?"  I was floored!

Things like "Self-control" and "Patience" and "Nonsense" and "Wait please" are coming out of their mouths on a regular basis.

Bronwyn told daddy that her "Noggin hurts" after she bumped it.  Derek and I never use the word noggin!  They're like little language sponges!

However... lots of words are still an still undecipherable for a week or longer.  Here's a little toddler language pop quiz.  I'll post the answers in a the comments next Monday.  In the meantime: you take a stab at the answers.  If someone (besides my husband :-p) can get all 5, I'll try to figure out a little prize :)
Updated: Answers are in the comments section!
  1.  "Curl!!!!"
    Context: Toddler who is supposed to be getting in the car takes off running toward a tree while screaming. "Hey, curl! Hi! Hi! Hi!"
  2. "Cootie"
    Context: Sweet smiling little girl pointing at herself saying "I a cootie!"
  3. "Kinger"
    Context: Hand outstretched.  "I touch it?  One kinger?"
  4.  "Looogick!"
    Context: Sitting in a car. I'm on the phone. Quiet. Toddlers pointing at the back window.
  5. Bonus Toddler Sentence-Word: "Whadasee?"
    Context: It might just be a key phrase in a series of children's books.


Derek Aldrich said...

Seeing as I don't think I could get all 5, I think it is safe to say I wouldn't win.

The Guddats said...

Alright, I am taking a stab at it.

1. Squirrel--the little one is seeing a squirrel and pointing at it.
2. I am a cutie.
3. Finger- which if I am right, that is hilarious. I can totally see my boys doing that one day.
4. Look it.
5. What do you see?

I am really looking forward to the language growth.

CW said...

Other than the first one that made me scratched my head, all my answers are the same with the Guddats.
I regretted of correcting S & K for calling Bronwyn "Brownie", I think it's really cute when they call her Brownie. Today Shiloh tried to tell us Barbecue sauce, but she said Barbee sauce instead, made me laughed so hard.

Melissa Ann said...

Here's the answers:

1. Curl = Squirrel
2. Cootie = Cutie
3. Kinger = Finger
4. Looogick! = Music (took me 3 car rides to figure this one out!)
5: Whadasee = What do you see?