20 September 2011

In bags?

I walked into Old Navy yesterday morning intent on letting the girls spend $10 apiece in their birthday money from grandparents and also replacing a pair of borrowed maternity pants that I ripped a hole in accidently last week.  They've redone the closest Old Navy store so I asked the staff:

Me: "Where do I get a cart?"
Lady: "We don't have carts anymore, but we do have bags."
Me: (Pointing at my twins who were petting their fake dog manikin while woofing and squealing loudly.) "I don't think I can cart around my toddler twins in bags."

Let's just say we didn't spend our money there yesterday....

Why would they do away with carts?  It makes no sense to me...


Julia said...

Stroller, my friend, stroller :)

Our has sort of carts---they are more like a small luggage trolley with a bag attached. I'd love to see your girls peeking their heads out of those bags. It would be hilarious!

Maybe they think if you're filling up a bag rather than a cart, you aren't "seeing" what all you've put in the bag, and will be apt to buy more??? IDK.

Valerie said...

I was too going to mention stroller.. :) We only use carts if they have one for both boys since they can't do well standing up in back at all.

Maybe you should send a letter to Old Navy to tell them about it.. maybe they'll send you a coupon!

Melissa Ann said...

I'm physically nearly incapable of lifting the stroller from the ground back into our trunk while pregnant. I could do it... but I'd probably not be able to lift the girls for another few days afterward to recover. My weight limit from the OB is 25lbs and the stroller weighs more than that. Luckily the girls are still right around/under that number.

I'm not looking for reimbursement... I just thought it was hysterical :)

CW said...

Really?! That is crazy! I will not go shopping anywhere without a cart with the girls.